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The NBA's 11 Biggest Draft Day Blunders (06/23/2008)
Everyone knows that the Portland Trailblazers screwed up in 1984 when they passed on Michael Jordan to draft Sam Bowie, but what are some other big draft day mistakes? John Paulsen lists his Top 11 Draft Day Blunders, which include some obvious missteps as well as a few surprises.

Second to None: The Best Second Round Picks in the NBA's Modern Era (J. Paulsen, 06/17/2008)
Think you can fall asleep once the first round of the NBA Draft is over? Think again. Every year, a pick or two from the second round turns into a quality player. John Paulsen lists the top 10 second- round picks, which include big names like Michael Redd and Dennis Rodman. But who's #1?

The Yi Jianlian debacle: There's plenty of blame to go around (J. Paulsen, 08/01/2007)
What happens when you draft a player who doesn't want to play for your team? Ask Bucks GM Larry Harris, who finds himself engaged in a standoff with draft pick Yi Jianlian, the Chinese import who apparently wants nothing to do with Milwaukee. John says both team and player are at fault here.

NBA draft impressions (J. Paulsen, 07/03/2007)
Last week's NBA Draft didn't provide many early surprises, but John Paulsen, a Bucks fan, was as surprised as anyone to see Milwaukee tab Yi Jianlian at #6. It's just one of the notes John offers up in his Draft Impressions, along with his thoughts on the Ray Allen and Jason Richardson trades.

NBA Mock Draft (J. Paulsen, 06/22/2007)
Everyone knows who Portland and Seattle are looking at with the first two picks, but who should the rest of the league select in the first round? John goes 1-30 and also dives into each team's offseason plans.

11 Biggest Draft Day Blunders (J. Paulsen, 06/22/2007)
Ah, what could've been. Drafting is no exact science, which obviously leaves plenty of room for human error. Think the Clippers regret passing on Scottie Pippen? Think the Bucks regret drafting and then trading Dirk Nowitzki? Hindsight is 20/20, but that doesn't excuse some of these blunders.

Draft Sleepers (J. Paulsen, 06/22/2007)
By the time team's outside of the Lottery are finally on the clock, all the top talent will be gone. Well...maybe not. John highlights five guys with the potential to thrive in the NBA who will still be on the board once the first 15 picks are called.

Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? (J. Paulsen, 06/20/2007)
So who's it going to be: Greg Oden or Kevin Durant? With the NBA Draft approaching, John Paulsen pits the Ohio State center against the Texas swingman to figure out who the Portland Trailblazers should select #1 overall. So who came out on top? Well, it wasn't an easy choice.

Draft Order

1. Portland 16. Washington
2. Seattle 17. New Jersey
3. Atlanta 18. Golden St.
4. Memphis 19. LA Lakers
5. Boston 20. Miami
6. Milwaukee 21. Philadelphia
7. Minnesota 22. Charlotte
8. Charlotte 23. New York
9. Chicago 24. Phoenix
10. Sacramento 25. Utah
11. Indiana 26. Houston
12. Philadelphia 27. Detroit
13. New Orleans 28. San Antonio
14. LA Clippers 29. Phoenix
15. Detroit 30. Philadelphia

Mock Drafts Consensus

Prospect Profiles

Corey Brewer l Mike Conley l Kevin Durant l Jeff Green l Al Horford l Greg Oden l Joakim Noah l Brandan Wright l Julian Wright l Yi Jianlian

From the Archives

To tank or not to tank? (J. Paulsen, 04/04/2007)
By the time team's outside of the Lottery are finally on the clock, all the top talent will be gone. Well...maybe not. John highlights five guys with the potential to thrive in the NBA who will still be on the board once the first 15 picks are called.

Your crime is time: 18 and going pro (J. Paulsen, 02/21/2007)
If not for the NBA's new age limit, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant may have bypassed college ball for the pros. NBA commish David Stern says the rule will have a positive effect on the league, but after crunching some numbers, John Paulsen says high schoolers have historically fared very well.

NBA Draft Blog

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NBA Draft Web Guide

NBA 2007 Draft
This is the official website for the 2007 NBA Draft.
This site features a mock draft as well as scouting reports on just about every NBA prospect.
This site has their own mock draft as well as loads of draft news and features.’s first round projections.
Official web site of the National Basketball Association.
Player profiles, mock drafts, news and rumors on the 2006 NBA Draft.
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First round predictions with in depth analysis.

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The 10 best picks in NBA lottery history
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#1 isn’t always best dives into the fact that having the number one overall pick isn’t always the best thing for an NBA franchise.

Top ten worst NBA drafts flops takes their crack at the worst NBA draft flops.

Sam Bowie – The Fateful Pick
An in-depth look at the Portland Trail Blazers decision to draft Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in the 1984 draft.

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