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The RGIII mess in Washington

Things keep deteriorating for Robert Griffin III in Washington. He was hurt again against the Lions, and now the debate begins as everyone tries to assign blame.

Given the offensive play of the Washington offensive line, some are naturally making the argument that Jay Gruden should have sat RGIII earlier in the preseason game.

Also, if you read through , it's clear that the offensive line was a complete mess. First round pick Brandon Scherff is having a very tough time adjusting to right guard (this is discussed in the video above).

But it's also clear the RGIII is part of the problem. He seems to have trouble finding the right read, particularly on blitzes, and there's no way he's going to learn unless he plays. Of course too much abuse can make a quarterback skittish, but RGIII has to learn to move in the pocket, find the right target, and avoid unnecessary contact.

At this point, his basic judgement and decision-making is a real problem. In the first preseason game, I watched him scramble for a first down against the Browns and he took two serious hits from a linebacker and a lineman. His decision was foolish. RGIII is nowhere near a quarterback like Russell Wilson who has an uncanny ability to realize when he should take off running versus using his mobility to buy more time to make a killer throw.

Even Johnny Manziel appears to be learning how to stay in the pocket and go through his progressions.

With RGIII, you can blame the players around him, or realize that he seems to invite contact when he plays. AS the linked article points out, the play that cause the injury was a result of an unnecessary scramble by RGIII and another unforced fumble.

Also, I think the pairing with Jay Grudan was a mistake. While Griffin clearly needs to learn to play quarterback the right way, Gruden's classic West Coast Offense seems like a poor fit for Griffin's talents. He probably would have been better served by a system that emphasizes downfield throws like the one used by Norv Turner.

We'll see how this plays out, but right now the RGIII situation seems like a complete mess.

Degree Men Ultimate Football Fan Trip

Scores Report Sits Down With Falcons Tight End Tony Gonzalez

I remember when Tony Gonzalez had a down year in 2010, his second year with the Atlanta Falcons. A "down" year for Tony G consisted of 70 receptions for 656 yards and 6 TUDS.

The whispers began to circulate about his days as a premier tight end being over and speculation was rampant that his career was nearing it's end.

In the ensuing two years, Gonzalez accumulated 173 recs for 1,805 yards and 15 TD for an average yearly stat-line of 87 rec for 903 yards and roughly 8 TUDs.

The longtime Kansas City Chief enters his 17th NFL season this year; does that make you feel as old as it does me?

In the video below, I spoke to Tony about the secrets of his success, longevity and his new partnership with Clear Men Scalp Therapy. .

Check out the .

Antonio Gates- WTF?

Russell Wilson hysteria has short shelf life

Pun intended.

I hate making NFL predictions. Mostly because the NFL is so hard to predict. It's also hard reading most of them, as many writers sound so sure of themselves when anyone with a brain should know that there are so many factors that will affect the outcome. Every pick involves weighing probabilities and risks.

It's particularly frustrating in the first couple of weeks in the season, when people who should know a lot about the NFL and football in generally get sucked in by the hype created by the media. Did you hear about Russell Wilson, and how all of a sudden everyone was picking this short, 3rd round pick to have one of the best rookie seasons?

By reading this week's , I learned that he picked the Seahawks as his sleeper pick. I love reading Simmons, but this is another example of how emotion and hype are thrown into the mix whenever he provides "analysis." He can really break down certain situations, but since he manages to write about practically , we often get excited observations that he pulls out of his ass.

Wilson might go on to have a good year for the Seahawks, but the fact remains that Pete Carroll has taken a huge gamble starting this rookie over Matt Flynn . The Seahawks do have a shot at the playoffs, but they pretty much gave away game 1 when Wilson completed only 18 of 34 passes for 153 yards and was sacked three times. The icing on the cake was watching Braylon "stone hands" Edwards drop the last pass. They're just not good enough to give away games.

Now, I'm not going to completely write off Russell Wilson after one game, just like I won't write off Brandon Weeden after his horrific debut performance. But at least Weeden has a big arm and is closer to 6' 4" as opposed to 5' 11". The odds are stacked against Wilson, and that's just a fact. He may overcome them, but the odds for Seattle this season were probably a little better with Matt Flynn running the offense.

Check out all the lines for this weeks games .

After Calvin Johnson Who Is #2 Fantasy Wide Receiver?

Luck looks good again

Yes, he's human. Andrew Luck threw a couple of picks tonight against the tough Steelers defense, but he also rebounded to throw some great passes throughout the ballgame. Like all of the rookies he'll go through some growing pains, but we can see many of the tools that have had scouts excited for years.

Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III had a tougher evening the other night as he took some sacks and coughed up a fumble. Naturally, everyone got overly excited by his performance in his first preseason game when he face little pressure, but the Bears weren't as accommodating, and Griffin seemed to rely too much on his feet as he felt pressure. Fans shouldn't overreact to these setbacks in preseason just like they shouldn't overreact to his first game, as the coaches will be hammering Griffin to make better decisions. He was able to rely on his feet in college from time to time, but he'll probably get banged up quickly if he tries to keep that up in the pros. Shanahan will push him to be very selective on when he decides to take off.

With fantasy football and 24-hour Twitter comments, fans can't help but hang on every preseason pass, but time is a critical component in the development of NFL quarterbacks, and the amount of time needed is usually hard to predict. Luck seems to be the most ready as everyone expected, but we'll have to see how it plays out. For some fantasy football owners, both Luck and RG3 will seem very tempting during the draft, but I'll probably focus on a proven quarterback instead.

Running back injuries shake up fantasy drafts

Don't Resist The "Double Tud"- Be Bold, Friend

The prevailing fantasy football draft wisdom that your grandpa used since he started playing has been "Get a #1 RB early or you will be screwed, Sonny." Obviously in 2012, we all know that is no longer the case. But do you know what's even balls out? Using your 1st and 2nd round picks on a QB/WR combo from the same team, and hinging your future on the "Double Tud".

- do it. If you draft at the end of the first round, you have the potential of grabbing Calvin Johnson, then getting Mathew Stafford when the snake draft comes back around your way. Last year you would've gotten almost 1,700 yards and 32 TD.

How about Tom Brady and Wes Welker? A meager 1,569 and nine TD.

You don't have to in rounds 1 or 2, but the adrenaline rush will certainly be intensified. There are several other latter round combos (B Marshall-J Cutler, S Smith-C Newton, D Jackson/J Maclin-M Vick) as well.

You can always invest in a RBBC later.

RG3 looks solid in preseason debut

Is Ryan Mathews Really A Top 5 Running Back?

In two years, Mathews has missed an average of three games per season, which is roughly a quarter of the NFL season. In an average 14 week fantasy season, these missed games are even more significant. Additionally, he’s been a top 10 running back each of the last two years and failed to produce- what is different this year?

Regardless of that, Mathews is being drafted on average as the fourth overall running back selected. By not re-signing Mike Tolbert, it clears the way for Mathews to be a workhorse running back- but, the signings of Ronnie Brown and Jackie Battle show you that even the Chargers brain trust isn’t convinced.

So as a fantasy player, why should be? Especially when you can get MJD, Matt Forte or Steven Jackson instead- proven commodities who are being drafted after him.

Michael Turner or Marshawn Lynch?

Rein“Vick”erated in 2012; Don’t Forget About Michael Vick

A year ago right now, Michael Vick was being considered as a top five fantasy football draft pick.

Now, he is not even being considered amongst the top five overall fantasy ; .

2011 was a step back for the entire Eagles franchise, not just Vick.

Still, he set a career high in passing attempts (423), yards (3,303), and third highest passing TD total (18). Vick’s 76 carries were his lowest season total as a starter, yet his 7.8 ypc was his 2 highest.

589 yards from your QB on the ground? That’s 45 YPG, son, as good as many a RB #3.

Sure, w/Vick you’re always going to worry about him missing games. That’s why you grab a QB like Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh Freeman to use in Vick’s week 7 bye or for general use, post-injury, should one occur.

- Don’t sleep on Mike Vick in 2012.


4 Mobile Apps that Can Give You an Edge in Your Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football Draft Day Do's and Don'ts

Regular TSR readers may have noticed that I haven't written much (any) fantasy football content here this season. That's because I've launched my own site () and have also joined as Contributing Editor.

I thought I'd put together a quick list of do's and don'ts that fantasy owners should keep in mind on draft day. These are meant for fantasy owners in 12-team drafts. If you're in a 10-team league, you can typically wait longer than the rounds I'll mention.

utilize the ol' RB/RB draft strategy in the first two rounds if your league requires two starting RBs (or has a RB and a flex position). The depth at RB is pretty thin this season and I'm not too confident in the guys that are available in the 3rd/4th rounds. is an exception, as is in PPR leagues. Meanwhile, the depth at WR is solid, so it makes sense to go RB/RB/WR/WR in the first four rounds.

If you're in a PPR league, consider amongst the top six RBs (the others are Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson). In standard leagues, is a solid pick at 1.06. If you're outside the top 6 in PPR formats, draft , who has the most upside of any RB in the second tier.

In the second round, consider and , especially in PPR formats.

In the late 2nd or early 3rd, consider and . Both players are good bets to finish in the top 10 at WR.

In the 4th/5th rounds of PPR drafts, look to grab , who should make a fine RB2 for those owners who drafted a WR or QB early.

draft a QB early, not when you can get , or in the 6th/7th rounds. Even if you miss out on those guys, , and are good lead QBs in a .

try to get , or as your QB2. Also, is shooting up my rankings due to his fine preseason play. is another decent option due to his strong job security.

If you're in a PPR league, draft a stud TE in the 4th () or 5th (, or ). There is a lot of depth at TE this year, so if you miss out on these guys wait until the 8th or 9th and pick , or .

target in the 5th/6th round. He should be a very solid WR2 in all formats with Steve Smith gone, and is one of my favorite middle-round value picks.

draft or before the 6th and 8th rounds, respectively. Colston is dealing with a knee injury while Boldin has lost a step.

target , and in the middle rounds. In PPR leagues, look for and as your WR4.

target or if you need a RB3 in the 7th/8th rounds. Both players are likely to outperform their current ADP (Average Draft Position).

spend a 12th/13th rounder on -- he'll land somewhere early in the season and get WR1/WR2 targets the rest of the way.

waste a pick on . He may very well come out of retirement, but he proved last season that he can't acclimate to new teams very well.

look to snag , or as your TE2. draft , who is dealing with a troublesome knee injury. think about his backup, , in the later rounds.

If you're in a league with many/unlimited transactions, draft a defense before the 13th round. Target the Patriots if the Packers, Eagles, Jets and Steelers are all gone. If you miss out on NE, utilize or Defensive Team By Waiver Wire (which will be a weekly feature at 4for4).

pick a kicker before the 15th round. Target guys who kick for teams with good offenses like Stephen Gostkowski, Alex Henery, Garrett Hartley and Adam Vinatieri. Josh Brown, Matt Bryant and Neil Rackers are good sleepers.

Finally, sign up at , where I'll be posting my waiver picks, DTBWW and more on a weekly basis. Readers who use to subscribe will have a better chance of getting their questions answered during the season. for details.

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for content updates. Also, sign up for our email list for weekly updates and check us out on Google+ as well.

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