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Greg Oden attended Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis where he led his team to 45 consecutive victories and three straight state titles. This dominance earned him back-to-back PARADE High School POY and Gatorade National High School POY honors in 2005 and 2006, making him the first player to accomplish this feat since LeBron James.

Since he graduated high school a year after the NBA instituted its minimum age restriction, Oden decided to enroll at Ohio State. He is considered to be the best player of his class, so for a long time this year’s draft was called the “Greg Oden Draft.” However, with the emergence of Kevin Durant, it is possible (though unlikely) that Oden won’t be taken #1 overall.

Oden stands 7’1” and weighs in at 280 pounds. He is a true center and has already drawn comparisons to David Robinson and Patrick Ewing. He is more polished defensively than he is offensively, and has the ability to change games with his shot-blocking ability, as evidenced by several key defensive plays he made in the 2007 NCAA Tournament.

His progress in college was hindered by ligament surgery in his right hand, but this forced him to work on his left hand, which should pay dividends in the long run.

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Quotes about Greg Oden

“His hands are soft. His hook shot is smooth. And most everything Oden lobs up finds its way in the basket. While he's been working on a midrange jumper to increase his arsenal, it's his work down on the post that is most impressive… As someone who was more impressed with [Kevin] Durant's college play, I hate to admit it, but the GM may be right [about Oden being a no-brainer at #1]. I still have questions about Oden's motor, and I still wonder whether he loves the game like Durant does. I don't know for sure if those skills he shows in workouts will show up in NBA games…The Durant-Oden debate usually supposes that Durant has the bigger ‘upside’ and Oden is the ‘safer’ pick. But after watching Oden on Sunday, I have to say that his upside may be bigger than that of anyone else in the draft.”
ESPN’s Chad Ford, after watching Oden workout this summer.

Oden is a once-in-a-decade type player…” NBA Analyst Steve Kerr

Greg (Oden) is such a low key, level-headed guy. Humility is one of the greatest strengths he has. I haven't detected one ounce of jealousy from the other guys. I think they appreciate what Greg is able to do and Greg knows his performance is dictated by his teammates. On the court, I like his willingness to do whatever he can to help us win. He seems to have more movement in his wrist and he's getting better, but he's not comfortable yet because he still doesn't have full movement with his right hand.”
Ohio State coach Thad Motta

“I love Carlos Boozer's game. I love his game. He gets those dirty points, them offensive rebounds. That's something I want to do. But I also know that I have a lot of people looking at me, and I'm seven feet, and I'm just going to develop my offensive game as much as possible.” Greg Oden, on what type of player he’d like to become once he reaches the NBA