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We have said for years that the BCS sucks. After the 2002 National Championship Game matchup between Ohio State and Miami, it was hard to argue with the results. We got a great game between the top two teams in the country. Everything got screwed up in 2003 and 2004, but then we had an epic matchup in 2005 between #1 USC and #2 Texas. Vince Young put on one of the greatest shows ever in leading the Horns to the title, and all the BCS apologists crowed about the current system.

Since then it has been a complete mess most years. It's a disgrace that the powers that be have not moved to a playoff system. They cite things like "tradition," but then they don't hesitate to juggle conferences and mess with old rivalries. It's all about the money.

Now college football is facing even bigger problems, as many of the rules are outdated, and the issue of amateurism is being put to the test, as all the money in college football makes the stakes so huge, and the players want a peice of that.

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