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The big four of sports in America have nothing on the most popular sport in the world. Check the rankings out of which sport is most commonly played throughout the world and it won’t be baseball, football, basketball and hockey. No, that honor goes to soccer, or futbol as it's called in Europe, and the rankings aren’t even close.

Every four years, there is a tournament that holds the attention of mankind much like the NCAA basketball tournament consumes the televisions of people in the US. Soccer is played on every single continent and the World Cup is the most viewed event in the world.

The 2010 tournament won by Spain was a huge hit on ESPN here in the U.S. Soccer won't supplant the major ports here, but it's finding a large audience.

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Resources and Influeners

Roger Bennett
This is the Twitter account of Roger Bennett, an excellent soccer analyst and writer from Great Britain who also happens to be hilarious.
The official website of the Federation International Football Association.
Full page dedicated to the United States Soccer Team. You can follow them on Twiiter here.
Detailed information about the US National team as well as MLS leagues and college programs.

SR Soccer - World Cup
Blog about all things soccer, including the World Cup.
ESPN’s site devoted to everything soccer.
The name says ot all.


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Past FIFA World Cup Winners

2010: Spain
2006: Italy
2002: Brazil
1998: France
1994: Brazil
1990: West Germany
1986: Argentina
1982: Italy
1978: Argentina
1974: West Germany
1970: Brazil
1966: England
1962: Brazil
1958: Brazil
1954: West Germany
1950: Uruguay
1938: Italy
1934: Italy
1930: Uruguay


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