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Scores Report Interviews Wisconsin Badger Point Guard Traevon Jackson

Even though he just recently finished his sophomore season at the Wisconsin, Traevon Jackson comes across just like his game- confident, smooth and mature.

For being just 20 years old, he’s so calm and composed, you can’t help but think about where you were in life at 20….and then sheepishly quit punishing yourself.

Some of that confidence undoubtedly comes from his famous genetics and being the son of , but the greater part of it comes from his faith and approach to life, off the court.

“Obviously, it didn’t end the way we wanted it to.  Just the fact of me playing in the tournament was great because it’s the attitude of “loser goes home” and unfortunately we had to go home. But it really puts into perspective what you need to do to prepare for it going forward. And learning from that this year helps us next year.”

“Growing up, I felt it more than I do now, but now I don’t even think about it at all, actually. The pressure that I feel now the most is pleasing the Lord. That may sound cliché, but that’s an everyday type of task and the biggest thing for me. As long as I continue to grow in that aspect, there is no other question.”

“Oh, me of course (laughing). Easily. He can beat me in golf and all the other, cards, all that stuff, but he’s not beating me on the court.”

Read the .

ESPN "dismisses" employee responsible for Jeremy Lin headline

Lin for the win!

This is crazy. Jeremy Lin drains a last-second three to beat the Raptors.

Jeremy Lin drops 38 on Lakers

Worst Flop of 2011 - Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh must have been inspired by soccer players. This acting job was pitiful, but he did draw the foul. The NBA needs to crack down on the flopping.

Check out this s.

Heat start season with lame video and solid play

The massive ego and entourage of LeBron James

recently published a , who has spent over 50 years photographing athletes and swimsuit models. The man has led an incredible life, and he also happens to be a great storyteller.

In this article, Iooss recounts stories of his favorite athletes and models, like Micheal Jordan, Reggie Jackson, Paulina Porizkova and Christie Brinkley. Sports fans should read the whole article and you'll get a real sense of the bravado and charisma of people like Reggie Jackson in his prime.

Iooss loves to tell stories of how he had to charm people like Tiger Woods. With Tiger, the swimsuit pictures got his attention right away, and Iooss could then get Tiger to do what was necessary to get the shot.

And then there were the difficult ones like Barry Bonds and the prima donnas like LeBron James. His story about LeBron is very telling:

It was obvious that this clown had a problem when he and those around him started referring to him as King James, but this episode demonstrates just how out of control LeBron's ego had become.

One year later, LeBron is now a punch line after his embarrassing performance in the NBA Finals. He's gone onto ESPN to discuss how he should have done things differently when he left Cleveland last year and how he made the mistake of embracing the role of the villain. He's going back to having fun. We'll see about that. But more than anything he needs to get rid of the obscene entourage, and I don't see that happening.

Lamar Odom traded to the Mavs

The Chris Paul fiasco gives NBA a black eye

The to the Los Angeles Lakers has created a firestorm.

Stern got serious pressure from a number of owners, including Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who fired off a letter to Stern and other owners .

The teams are and they have appealed Stern's decision.

Meanwhile, Stern and the NBA are being savaged by commentators everywhere. Here's and .

NBA players reject latest offer

Chaos within NBA players union

Adrian Wojnarowski has the on the turmoil within the NBA players association, and the picture isn't pretty.

Jason Whitlock has a , putting more blame on Fisher.

Either way, the whole situation is a mess. I tend to think Fisher is right here, realizing that the players can only push this so far.

Report: Indians acquire Derek Lowe from Braves

David Freese wins World Series MVP

With his walk-off home run in game 6, David Freese etched in name in World Series lore, but he did .

Freese became the sixth player to win the MVP in the league championship series and then winning the World Series MVP award. He gets a black Corvette to remind him of this classic World Series.

He's also an example of the importance of having a short memory in sports. He had some tough plays in the field, and his errors cost the Cards some runs, but he came back and delivered in the clutch.

Progress reported in NBA labor talks

Magic Johnson laughs at LeBron James

Following his meltdown in last year's Finals, LeBron James is going to take a lot of heat from critics, and Magic Johnson is happy to pile on.

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