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Whether you're looking for workout advice, diet and nutrition info, or interviews with fitness professionals, Mike Furci's regular columns have you covered. Check out Mike's latest articles below, and click over to his fitness archive for the full list of content. Send any questions you have for Mike to mike@bullz-eye.com.

Q&A with Mike FurciQ&A with Mike Furci
February 24, 2014

Mike tackles reader questions about proper squats technique, vegetarian diets and bodybuilding.

Did You Know?Did You Know?
January 23, 2014

Did You Know that the barbell back squat is widely regarded as the king of all exercises? Mike Furci discusses that and more in his latest column.

Did You Know?Did You Know? The Flu and Cold Edition
December 12, 2013

Did You Know that there are natural prove ways to prevent a cold or flu? Mike Furci discusses that and other flu-related facts in his latest column.

Dan Hardy: Part 2A chat with UFC fighter Dan Hardy: Part Two
October 27, 2013

In Part Two of Mike Furci's interview with Dan Hardy, the UFC fighter discusses life after the Octagon, his WolfCam training videos and more.

Dan Hardy: Part 1A chat with UFC fighter Dan Hardy: Part One
September 24, 2013

Mike Furci sat down to chat with UFC fighter Dan Hardy about training with Shaolin Monks, his current absence from the Octagon and more.

Did You Know?Did You Know?
September 17, 2013

Did You Know that fluoridated water may not be as great for you as we've been led to believe? Mike Furci discusses that and more in his latest column.

Exercises You Haven't Done, Part 2Exercises you haven't done but probably should, Part Two
August 22, 2013

Mike Furci recommends three more exercises that you've probably never done, but should add to your routine.

Romanian DeadliftThe Romanian Deadlift
July 8, 2013

Mike continues his exercise series with the Romanian Deadlift, including the dos and don'ts to prevent injury during your workout.

Stability TrainingTo use stable or unstable exercises, that's the question
June 24, 2013

Stability training has gained in popularity in recent years, but Mike says that it's not as effective as some would have you believe.

Force Factor Pre-WorkoutProduct Review: Force Factor Pre-Workout
June 11, 2013

With nitric oxide supplements all the rage at the moment, Mike tested the new Force Factor Pre-Workout to see if it worked.


More About Mike

Mike Furci graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelors of Science in Health Education.  His curriculum laid the foundation for his future in fitness and sports specific training. He owned and operated Club Olympia Fitness Center in Westlake, Ohio for more than 10 years, and was voted “Best Personal Trainer” by Cleveland Magazine.  In 2009 he decided to expand his knowledge of the human body and attained his license as a Registered Nurse in 2011.

Mike specializes in improving athletic performance through strength, conditioning and nutrition.  He uses his education and knowledge to train clients according to their specific goals, i.e., increased fitness, strength, weight loss, health or sports performance.  Mike started training 30 years ago, and was a competitive bodybuilder with several overall titles, including the 1999 Mr. Ohio. He continues to train with 100% intensity to this day, which has helped him excel as a firefighter for the city of Lorain Ohio.  His experience has also allowed him to train and consult with many competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders.

Mike has appeared on many news stations as a fitness consultant.  His qualifications allow him to offer expert information on all aspects of health, fitness and sports specific training.

Send any questions you have to mike@bullz-eye.com.

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