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Do you ever wonder why they call it the breaststroke? 

Swimming offers a fantastic workout and there's something to be said for getting that "swimmer's body" that everyone talks about. (We, on the other hand, get complimented for our "beer drinker's" bodies, except for Mike of course).

Naturally, our favorite part of swimming is enjoying all the beautiful babes in bikinis at the beach, or on the pages of Bullz-Eye! With the success of Michael Phelps in the Olympics, the sport has become more popular, and that's a good thing since it's so good for you.

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SwimNews Online
This online magazine has comprehensive coverage of worldwide swimming news, along with links to swimming web sites all over the world. This is a great place to start for anyone looking for a swimming camp (swimming camp? You must be kidding).

Swim Network
Great site for swmming fans. The design is excellent and the site is loaded with news and information about the sport.

Swimming World Magazine
This site provides useful information regarding techniques, workouts and meet results, along with interesting articles and a gear shop.

U.S. Masters Swimming
This site has decent content for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Active.com - Swimming
This great site is devoted to all sorts of activities, and their swimming section is excellent. Get tips on all sorts of workouts and different ways to enjoy this activity.


5 ways swimming will transform your training
Visit your local pool and streamline your gains once you’re on dry land.

10 Amazing Benefits of Swimming You Never Knew
Swimming has been called the perfect exercise. After all, you can get all of the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damaging impact on joints, and it can be done by both the very old and the very young.

A Swimming Workout Routine for Men
Developing a new exercise program can be a challenge, but it does not have to be overwhelming. Simply recognize your current strengths and abilities, plan, and get started.

Military.com - Popular Swimming Pool Workouts
Check this out for some great workout ideas you can do in the pool.

Health Benefits of Swimming for Fitness – Men Over 50
It's great for all ages.

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