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The Modern Man's method for success with women is simple: Get women trying to pick you up, trying to maintain your interest during a conversation and trying to keep you satisfied during a relationship...all while being a nice guy. Each week, Dan Bacon will reveal more tips that will have even the hottest of women eating out of your hand! Your life with women is finally going to change for the better.

Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys: Who is the real winner?Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys: Who is the real winner?

Do nice guys finish last with women? The Modern Man examines the Nice Guy vs. Bad Boy dynamic to find the answers.

How to approach a group of womenHow to approach a group of women

Approaching a group of women can be like approaching a herd of lions. The Modern Man offers tips to help you break the ice.

Can you turn your friend into your girlfriend?Can you turn your friend into your girlfriend?

How do you escape the "friend zone"? The Modern Man talks about turning your fun and sexy friend into your girlfriend.

The Modern Man MethodThe Modern Man Method

Tired of trying and failing to pick up women? The Modern Man tells you how to flip the script and have them pick you up!

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