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We are going to warn you before you embark into the world of blogging; it’s addictive!

How the minutiae of a random stranger’s love life can capture and hold one’s interest for hours, even days on end, is truly remarkable. It might just become your new guilty pleasure. Blogs about relationships, dating and sex are fascinating. You will soon find yourself caught up in the soap opera that is someone else’s real life. The good news is that you may learn something, develop a support group, and even share ideas with like- minded people who comment and share on others blogs. It is a virtual matrix of social relationships that exist, sometimes in real time, like never before.

This is the “real” real world. No producers coaching behavior or manipulating relationships. This is as raw as it gets; real emotion, real opinions, real pain. You will be surprised at how clever and entertaining this reading can be. Dive into the world of blogs and discover what secrets lay in the hearts of men.

As for dating blogs specifically, dating drama and angst relived on the web for all to see. The writers share dating dilemmas which can be very funny and make for good reading. You are sure to find a blog that hits the spot for you and keeps you wrapped up in the turmoil of the dating scene. Also, check out our guides to blogs covering the single life in general, relationships and sex.

Our latest dating content can be found in the dating category in our new magazine format. Archived travel content can be found in the dating section on our blog.


Dating Blog
This blog truly offers the inside scoop on dating, internet love, and the ins and outs of the industry. Check it out for current news and updates in the online dating world.

Men'sHealth - Sex and Relationships
Excellent resource from the perspective of men. - Dating
Dating articles and advice for men.

Art of Charm - Dating Tips
Men's lifestyle website covers dating as well. - Sex & Relationships
Famous for do’s and don’ts, this Glamour blog offers the work of daters and their dilemmas, photos, and words of advice from the dating trenches. For all the guys out there, consider this recon from the enemy handbook!

Girl with a one-track mind
The self proclaimed, Diary of a Sex Fiend, is just that. This is an honest no holds barred personal account of the sex life of a single girl with a lusty libido. Not only is she fascinating and real but she links to equally great blogs. Multiply the fun from this deliciously decadent accounting of one frisky frolic to the next from the princess of the potty mouth, Zoe Margolis.

Advice from a Single Dating Expert
This site is written by a guy and you’ll find plenty of posts about online dating and other dating issues.


What She’ll See in Your Bachelor Pad
The little things matter. When you bring her home to your apartment or house for the first time, she’s going to pay attention to everything, and the little things might make the difference as to whether you’ll be having a great evening or even the chance at another date.

Inexpensive Gifts You Can Get for Your Date
While it might seem like it is a bit old-fashioned, the act of giving your date a small gift has never been seen as tacky in most western countries. However, the act has fallen out of common practice in the modern day. Still, if you’re one of the guys that are going to give your date a nice gift, then here are some suggestions that you can use to show her that you appreciate her company.

How did the film “Fifty Shades of Grey” change the culture of dating and sex?
Since the debut of this movie, more women are open to discussing kinky sex and BDSM, and are also more open to trying new things. Keep this in mind with new relationships or if you want to spice up your long-term relationship.

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