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Hard core poker fans always loved hitting the poker rooms in Las Vegas. Until recently it was one of the few aspects of Vegas that still had some old school charm, but all that has changed with the poker revolution that is sweeping the country. Now, everyone and their mother wants to play, and players who have learned to play online or by watching television are invading the Vegas poker rooms and poker tournaments.

Poker is not a big moneymaker for the casinos, so for many years the poker rooms were getting squeezed by the more profitable games. Now, however, the casinos are beefing up their poker rooms because it has become an attraction that draws players into the casino.

Poker Rooms

Caesar’s Palace
The poker room in the newly renovated Caesar’s Palace is beautiful. The room is huge and it’s nicely separated from the rest of the casino. It has a very elegant atmosphere and it always has plenty of action.

We really like this spot. The newly renovated Mirage has a nice feel with plenty of eye candy running around. The poker room is big but not too big. It can get a little crowded but you’re in the heart of the casino and you don’t feel isolated.

Another elegant spot.

This place it totally old school, and it used to host the World Series of Poker.

The World Series of Poker is now held here, but it’s in the convention center. The regular poker room is decent but don’t expect too much.

Plenty of higher stakes games.

Web Guide
This site is a great resource listing all the tournaments available in Vegas, along with games, times and other useful information. – Poker Rooms
Handy list of poker rooms from this great Vegas site.

Las Vegas Texas Hold’em
It isn’t the prettiest site in the world but it has some solid info on the Las Vegas poker scene. – Top 10 Vegas Poker Rooms
Useful rankings from the busybodies at

Poker Tournaments

The World Series of Poker is the big one. It lasts over a month and it consumes Vegas every summer. If you want to play with the big boys, this is the place to be.

Wynn Classic
One of the many new tournaments in town.

Bluff Magazine
Useful list of tournaments.

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