Singapore casino already drawing additional crime

Singapore casino already drawing additional crime

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Almost immediately after opening a series of integrated casinos in Singapore, a major jump in Casino related crimes has been reported. Experts in the field of security, particularly casino-related security, are not surprised to see the jump in crime, as the never-ending queues for the brand new ResortsWorld Sentosa, brought confusion and chaos to the scene. It is the perfect breeding ground for trouble on the casino floor.

Certis Cisco, a security agency which has been auditing the systems and procedures put in place for Resorts World Sentosa, believes that tightening ship may be necessary. According to Certis, if the resort improve their procedures, increase the number of on-site officers, and develop superior crowd control regulations, these developments would go a long way toward preventing more casino related crimes occurring at the site of the new integrated casinos.

According to Certis Cisco's managing director in charge of Security Consulting and Education, Charles Loh, the most important thing is the plan. If you have a good security and management plan when you first start working, you can work with the crowd, organize them, and prevent future instances of the crimes from happening. In regards to the recent rash of casino related crimes, he says that even though it looks bad on the surface, the issue is really more of a "hiccup" than a full blown disaster. He believes that improvement of the plans and procedures in the future will occur quickly and easily.

Resorts World Sentosa responds to the effect that they will be vigilant, and work with the local authorities in Singapore to eliminate crime, rule flouting, and behavior not suitable for a public environment. The security system in place is helping the issues occurring on the premises of Resorts World Sentosa.

In fact, according to one private investigator, Lionel De Souza, the increase in crime actually shows that the security forces are doing their jobs properly. Citing his 26 years of police and investigative experience, he finds the number of reports coming in merely prove how effective the security team is, as they are probably catching the bulk of the criminals during the act.

LJ Investigation and Consultancy Services, another security consultation company auditing the system, explains further. The number of crimes reported directly correlate to the number of criminals who were caught. Their managing director does express one concern, which is that a loan shark or some other disreputable person could enter the casinos under false pretenses and with a false identification. Because there are no thumbprint or fingerprint scanners, there is no real way to verify, which allows the criminals to bypass the system.

Other experts believe that the solution is simply to prevent the security team itself from growing complacent. Mr De Souza only hopes that the high standards of surveillance and alertness are maintained, and that the owners and local authorities don't take the existing numbers for granted.

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