Craps, online craps, play craps, craps strategy
Craps, online craps, play craps

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If you like to gamble and you haven’t tried craps, you are truly missing something. Craps is by far the most exciting game you’ll find in the casino, partly because money can change hands so quickly. There’s nothing like the roar from a packed table when the shooter hits their point on something like a hard four!

Don't Ignore Your Dealer!

Tipping etiquette in VegasTipping etiquette in Vegas

Tipping your dealer won't make you a big winner on your next trip to Sin City, but it will make your time at the tables as enjoyable as possible. Learn how and when to tip your dealer.

Mastering Craps
This site from Ted Knuden offers an excellent overview of the game along with tips and strategies that will help most players. 

All Craps
Clean and well-organized site that lays out the rules and playing strategies. Good site for both beginners and experienced players.

Ask Mr. Craps
Great site for beginners. Rules and strategies are clearly explained.
Fun site from someone who clearly loves this game.


Candidates' Vices: Craps and Poker
Time reports that Barack Obama loves poker, and John McCain loves to drop money on craps. At least these guys know how to live a little!

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