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You have all the gadgetry you need for your life at college but now you need a few little extras for your new digs. Below we have some suggestions for items that will make your home away from home a haven on campus and the place where everyone will want to be.

Entertainment and relaxation are key. The latest in high tech comfort is stylish and a must-have for savvy students who want the hottest new gear on campus.


Flexibility is important when you're thinking about stuff you can fit into your dorm room, as space is always an issue. The Zak Cacoon is functional, fashionable seating that doubles as a bed when need be. Girls will love hanging out in your room with something this cool and comfortable waiting for them. You can also drag it to other rooms for parties or as your own personal lounge chair.

Snacking is a critical need in college life but you won't have easy access to mom's kitchen. So you'll need something to warm up snacks when you're lounging around with friends or plowing through late-night study sessions. Daewoo's microwave/toaster combo offers the perfect small appliance so you don't take up too much space while having the option of nuking your food or toasting up your Pop Tarts.

  • Refrigerator

This is a must-have item in any dorm room. The key decision here is size. Everyone wants more fridge space for maximum storage, but space is at a premium in most dorm rooms. Make sure you know something about the space you'll have and that will help you make a decision. You'll find all sorts of portable options from small 1.7 cubic feet fridges all the way up to larger fridge/freezer combos that might work if you have a lot of space like dorms that house four or more students.

  • Television

It's a safe bet that somebody in your dorm will find a way to bring a 50-inch television to mount on their wall. It will be cool and you'll probably hang out there on football Sundays, but you probably want to go with something smaller. Check out options like this 24-inch Toshiba that has a built in DVD player.

  • Audio Systems

We covered speakers and headphones in our gadgets guide, but music is everywhere in college and having a portable audio system separate from your computer isn't a bad idea. It's not like the old days, when students lugged in big stereos and speakers. Now portable sets can fill up a room, and you want options that easily link up with iPods so friends can easily bring their music to your room for some R&R or a small party. You can't go wrong with a Bose Wave system, and iHome has some great options if you're looking for something less expensive.

  • Blender

We don't consider this a critical item, but it's the ultimate party-starter and this is an item you can keep in the closet so it won't add clutter to your room. They're also cheap.

  • Time-Killers

Most people in college play video games, so many students will have their game console on their list. Other old-school items like a deck of cards (with poker chips, of course) and a chess board can make the list.

Games are great for college life but we have a warning – don't become one of those kids who misses out on everything else college life has to offer by spending all your waking moments playing video games with other hermits! Get out there and enjoy yourself….