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Yes, you need the gadgets and the dorm room essentials when you head off to college, but don't forget about the things you'll rely on going to and from class (or parties, whatever), the things you'll need to pass the time, and the things you hope will make you look good. You may not be able to afford a car, but you can still get a new set of wheels before heading off to school.


  • Bike

You're going to do a ton of walking on campus, and that's not the worst thing in the world as it will help keep off that freshman 15. Also, few students can afford having a car on campus because the parking alone will kill you. So a bike can be very handy at times. You then need to choose a bike that's practical and cool. Do some research and figure out the bike size that fits you best. To cut down on cost, you might also want to consider a used bike on places like eBay. As for the type of bike, you're probably best off with a mountain bike that is set up with smoother tires for street riding. These bikes are rugged and practical, and looking even a little rugged won't kill you with the ladies in college. If you're looking for something different with unique styles, check out manufacturers like Electra Bike for cruisers and other casual bikes.

  • Frisbee

This might seem like a frivolous item, but you'll be shocked by how many people you can meet, particularly college girls, by bringing out a Frisbee in the grassy areas around campus. You can pick one up at most drug stores, but it might be worth your time to check out the Frisbee website and pick out a good one. It's better than a football because more people, particularly girls, are likely to play. It's also easy to fit in your backpack!

  • Sunglasses

Make sure you stop by Sunglass Hut or any other store you like to pick up one or two new pairs of shades as well. You'll need them walking around campus and it's an easy item to enhance the style of your wardrobe.

Don't be the guy who heads to the campus store and just loads up on the gear for your school. Yes, having some branded gear for the football and basketball games is fine, but overdoing it is not. At the very least look for stuff that's a little unique, and Sportiqe offers great designs for some of the bigger schools along with some great NBA t-shirts.

As we said above, you'll be walking a lot and possibly biking as well, so you'll need plenty of hoodies and jackets. This new jacket from True Love & False Idols offers a trendier look that will give you some options beyond your grungy hoodie or sweater. It's 100% cotton with wet nylon on the shoulders and sleeves.

As a bonus, it has small headphones built into the strings on the hood, so you can put your MP3 player in your right pocket and listen with ease!

So you've got all your gadgets, gizmos and gear figured out, but how are you going to lug everything around campus every day? Believe it or not, choosing the right backpack or shoulder bag can be a tricky proposition if you don't have a clear idea of what you really need. Fortunately, Slappa has all sorts of high-quality options to choose from. The Kiken custom build shoulder bag is a beast, offering enough room for two laptops, tons of books and whatever else you can throw at it along with the option to change the look with one of four interchangeable flaps. If, however, you're a backpack kind of guy, you can't go wrong with the customizable M.A.S.K. laptop backpack. This thing is a bottomless pit and features all sorts of useful pockets inside and out. Even better, the M.A.S.K. can be modified based on your needs on any given day, allowing you to change the look and configuration of the backpack with one of four different interchangeable faces – including the new Transit and Koop. If a duffle is more your style, shove your laptop, books and clothes for the gym into the cavernous main compartment of the Kampus duffle-style laptop backpack and you're set for the day or your next overnight trip. Whatever your laptop bag needs, Slappa has you covered with great-looking, extremely well-built bags that protect all your gear.