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Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you can always get better at poker. Our friends at can help you improve your game. Check out their tips below.

Playing pocket jacks (07/13/06 - By Itchy from
There’s a common saying in poker: “There are three ways to play pocket jacks, all of them wrong.” While pocket jacks is certainly a strong starting hand, Itchy says many players find themselves losing with pocket jacks more often than winning. Find out why.

Understanding your opponents (07/05/06 - By Itchy from
The more you know about the opponents you're in a hand with, the better. By spending the time and effort studying your opponents' actions, Itchy says you will know what the right play to make is when it counts.

How to become a successful online poker player (06/29/06 - By Itchy from
Because the turnaround of hands is a lot quicker online than it is when you're playing with your buddies or in a casino, it's even more important to know when to hold and when to fold. As Itchy warns, don't try to make something happen by betting a hand you know you should throw away.

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