Hawaii to consider legalizing gambling

Hawaii to consider legalizing gambling

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Fifty years ago, gambling was only legal in a few states, most notably New Jersey and Nevada. Today, things are completely different, and even Hawaii is considering getting in on the monetary stream which comes from the small tax on casinos. Several members of Hawaii's legislature are doing everything they can to get their way and legalize gambling on some of the islands. With a massive deficit in their budget, these lawmakers are starting to take the proposal very seriously, and will vote in favor of allowing slot machines to be operated on some of the "Native" Hawaiian lands, such as Waikiki. In order to fill their massive multi-billion dollar budgetary holes, the tax profits available to the state from allowing such small casinos are making many members of Hawaii's legislature take a second look at a proposal they would normally never consider in ordinary times.

Naturally, with such convincing arguments and a simple black versus red budget outline, opposition to the casinos followed almost immediately. Considering that Hawaii is unquestionably one of the world's largest, most profitable tourist destinations, there are several other factors in play. Many of those in opposition to the opening of casinos and the legalization of such a major form of gambling are playing a classic card: the queen of spades to the argument. They declare that introducing gambling to their state will ruin their reputation as a place where you can bring your children, and will actually result in a net decline in tourism. As tourism is the back bone of Hawaii's economy, this could be a pretty serious argument.

In addition, many locals worry about the sudden increase of crime, as was recently experienced by Singapore when they opened a large, fully integrated casino and resort. Some even fear that having such an establishment on site will make locals more likely to gamble, causing local impoverishment, broken families, and other such issues.

On the other hand, at least the money would be going to Hawaii, rather than to Nevada. Hawaiian residents are one of the largest gambling groups in regular attendance at Las Vegas casinos, and bringing that income closer to home would be a great boon for Hawaii's faltering tourism economy. In addition, the construction for the casinos would greatly help by adding jobs, thereby building the economy even further.

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