Midway through the annual Bullz-Eye mumblety-peg party – “Okay, you can be Bishop and I’ll be Hudson. Wait, which one is the droid again?” – we started talking about our favorite movie knife scenes, beginning of course with a certain James Cameron flick starring someone who looks human but doesn’t quite act human, and Lance Henrikson as an android. Much love was given to “The Golden Child” and its “I said I-I-I-I want the kniiiiiiiife...” scene, but before long, the conversation veered into an extended episode of “Quién es más macho?” It wasn’t enough that the scene be cool or funny; it had to be badass as well. In an instant, everyone is trying to top the previous suggestion, and before we knew it, scenes involving straight razors, swords, machetes and sickles had entered the ring. Much metaphorical blood was spilled, many (fictional) lives lost.

When the conversation reached a fever pitch, our wives called from upstairs, telling us to just shut the hell up already about our stupid knives. Sent hurtling back to reality, we decided to create a concise list of 10 of our favorite badass knife scenes from the movies, listed in chronological order. And, to keep the playing field level, we declared scenes involving all other blades ineligible. This meant the exclusion of several staff favorites – the ear scene in “Reservoir Dogs,” the final sword fight in “Rob Roy,” the bayonet scene in “Saving Private Ryan,” Sam Phillips filleting the guard in “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” the machete-gun scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” all of “Sweeney Todd,” – but not all blades are created equal, therefore their cinematic moments should be treated in a similar manner. This is a journey into knives. A journey which along the way will bring you new hardware, new bloodshed, new badness. Click below to get started.

Rebel Without a Cause