Microsoft Hosted Exchange Servers: How They Help Today's Businesses

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Servers: How They Help Today's Businesses

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Microsoft Hosted Exchange Servers offer businesses the tools needed online to protect your company from spam and other junk or harmful e-mails. It also protects you from e-discovery and also keeps your data confidential so no one else can access it. But it still allows you access during and after any emergencies. You can now have the reliability that will simplify your administration and safeguard your communications. You can please your users by meeting their needs. You can lower your messaging costs by up to 80% and increase productivity.

Some of the Exchanged Hosted Requirements include:

Online Protection for Exchange Hosted Encryption with any e-mail platform

Requires Forefront Online for Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Synchronization tool is completely optional and it will require:

  1. Windows Server 2003 SP2
  2. Active Directory
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  4. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 or 2007

Requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2000

Web applications that are accessible via the web

How to add it to Your E-mail?

The services are easy to get set up with your current e-mail. Because they work over the Internet, you do not need to change your current e-mail, install any new software for invest in training for your staff. All you need to do is make a small change, and then you can start to use this program to protect your valuable data.

If you are looking to safe guard your company, this is the program for you. It will meet all of your needs, and the most beneficial feature is that it will lower your costs massively. There are many features to this program, and you will find everything that you need. You can get greater hardware options, lower operating costs by up to 20%, and you can provide your users with the freedom to have access to all their communication methods.

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