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Interview with Julie Ann Gerhard, bikini and fitness supermodel

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Julie Ann Gerhard

Bullz-Eye readers, are you in for a real treat! The following interview is with bikini and fitness supermodel, Julie Ann Gerhard. Julie started modeling in 1995 and in a short time turned into one of the most sought after fitness models. She has been published over 80 times including posing for the March 2000 issue of Playboy magazine. In this interview you'll find Julie to be very candid with a good outlook on life. If you like what you read below, then you have to check out her web site juliemodel.com.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: One sister.

Julie Ann Gerhard

Q: Has your family been a strong source of support in your life?
A: My family is the most important thing to me, period.

Q: You're obviously in great shape. Do you workout regularly and do you watch what you eat?
A: Those two things are everything. I workout at least five days a week and always watch what I eat. Except this Christmas season -- I ate everything!

Q: What type and how much cardio do you do?
A: Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill and more treadmill. Three to five times a day!

Julie Ann Gerhard

Q: Was working out an interest that started pretty early in your life?
A: No, actually I didn't start until my 20s. I wasn't in bad shape, just never tried to get into better shape.

Q: What fitness magazines have you appeared in?
A: Muscle Mag dozens and dozens of times, Pump, Natural Bodybuilding, Planet Muscle, Ironman and Greatlakes Fitness. I think that's all of them.

Q: What tips can you give to help bring out those abs for this upcoming spring and summer?
A: Same for me as everyone else. To get the abs you see there are only two ways. One is to do a lot more than just the everyday diet and exercise. You need to work hard and diet right. Low carbs! The second way is to spend $4,000 to $5,000 and get it done via lipo. If you choose the latter send me some money, you obviously have a lot to throw around. Believe it or not but many people have their abs cut that way in the layers of fat. I would tell ya who but then I'd have to kill ya.

Julie Ann Gerhard

Q: In 1997 you started competing in swimwear contests, and in a short period of time you've been featured in numerous magazines, calendars, catalogs and television shows. Is the unbelievable success you've had, as a model and contestant, like a dream come true? 
A: Actually started like in 1995, won the Ms. Hawaiian Tropic Il title in '97. I had a lot of "the right place at the right time" things happen after that. I only wanted to be in Hawaii after Ms. Hawaiian Tropic and to get one page in one fitness magazine, that's it. Yes, it has been a dream come true all the way -- who would've ever thought the li'l five-foot nothing from the middle of the country would be published some 80 times? Too funny! I'm not done yet either!

Well you know what they say: "Good things come in small packages."

Julie Ann GerhardQ: You appeared in the March 2000 issue of Playboy. Many models say that posing for Playboy is the ultimate in modeling. How was this experience for you? 
A: I never used to realize the name recognition they had, until right after I was in and had a bike show. They announced "…from this month's Playboy" and I had a line for the rest of the day selling posters. Too cool! Wish I could do more with them.

Q: The pictures on your Website are outstanding. You look like a natural in front of the camera. Did being in front of a camera take a while to get used to?
A: The photogs say it's natural. I think it's part learned. I have been shooting for years, now it is like acting to me, just for a freeze frame. Works for me either way…I just have fun!

Julie Ann GerhardQ: In your nude pictures you look very comfortable, not to mention stunning. Do you find it much more difficult to pose without clothes?
A: I knew the people I posed for pretty well first so I was lucky. Being naked doesn't phase me, just part of it. Getting naked is a good thing!

MF: Getting naked is a great thing!

Q: Do you feel sexy or even turned on while posing naked or even with clothes on? 
A: Definitely, and most of the photographers encourage that anyway to get good shots. Nothing makes you feel better!

Q: What do you like most about being a bikini and fitness model?
Julie Ann GerhardA: That work requires my favorite thing, a thong! I love being in bikinis so that is awesome. Many of the people associated with the business are very cool as well!

Q: What do you like the least?
A: Same thing. Some of the people in the business aren't what you want around ya. Some are so concerned with being better or winning, they forget most of the fun in life and this business is the times you have with the people around you, period!

Q: What are some other hobbies you enjoy?
A: Anything outdoors! Dancing in the clubs is a blast as well. I love all kinds of music! Most of everything is associated with the gym though.

Julie Ann GerhardQ: With all the fitness modeling you do, are you a regular at shows like the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio?
A: I do not miss any of them. The Arnold is forthcoming soon, look for me there yet again. The parties after the Arnold are the best thing about it -- that Saturday night is always a blast. Oh the stories I could tell…. If you want to be a part of the fitness industry, go to where the people of the business are, period, and have a blast!

Q: I've been going to the Arnold Classic since the late-1980s and you're right, the parties are a great time. Maybe on a follow-up interview you'll let us in on some of your stories.
A: Maybe.

Julie Ann GerhardQ: You say that your favorite song is "The Thong Song." Is it because you like the beat or that you like to express yourself through what you wear?

A: Just that someone finally made a song about thongs! I have had that "Thong or your gone" slogan for years. Thought of it after Clearwater Beach Florida didn't allow them. I don't wear anything else, so I said it to the beach cop! Then in that video they barely show one, unreal!

Q: Do you feel some men are intimidated because you are so fit and beautiful?
A: Never think of that, if they are then they are not comfortable with themselves. If you are comfortable with yourself, you won't be intimidated by others.

Julie Ann GerhardQ: What kind of man, or woman, turns you on the most?
A: One with a sense of humor, stays in shape and likes my thongs!

Q: If we were to go out, which is totally hypothetical since I'm married, but if we did, what would be your ideal date? 
A: Hey, maybe I would date your wife first…just kidding…. I love all kinds of dates. Dinner and clubbin' to dinner at the beach, clubbin' at the beach, disco til dawn, then hot tubbin' till after dawn. I love hot tubs!

MF: Maybe, I would like you to date my wife first!

Q: What kinds of things in a man or woman are turn offs?
Julie Ann GerhardA: Jealousy and closed mindedness, period. Open-up, free your mind. Some grow up with such a short limited set of what they think, enjoy a little, do not trap yourself.

Q: What's the best piece of advice you can give a man on approaching women?
A: Just have fun like you have known her for years. Do not try to impress her, that never works 'cause in the end you are just you anyways.

Q: What is the best way a person could approach you to ensure your interest?
A: Smile. Crystal doesn't hurt either. But seriously, just be yourself. If anyone or I like you it's gonna be that way anyways -- you just can't fool people for long.

Julie Ann GerhardQ: What is the number one philosophy you live by?
A: Well, can't use the thong or your gone here -- that's just the beach. "Just do it," is probably right behind that. Whatever you want, just do it and stop worrying about what others think. If it feels good, do it and you'll never have to worry about missed opportunity. Do it now!

Q: Favorite car:
A: Hummer

Q: Favorite food:
A: Pizza

Q: Favorite color:
A: Red

Julie Ann GerhardQ: Measurements:
A: 36DD-24-36, 5'4"

MF: Thanks for the interview, Julie, It's been fun.
JA: No problem, Mike.

MF:See you at the Arnold Classic this February.
JA: Absolutely.

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