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In 1909 General Motors purchased Max Grabowski’s Rapid Motor Vehicle Company to break into the commercial truck market. General Motors also acquired the Reliance Motor Car Company that same year. GM merged the two independents to form the GMC Truck brand, a marque they would debut at the New York International Auto Show in 1912. The company built slowly at first, with only 372 production vehicles in their first year. 30 years later, GMC became a major provider for the US Military in World War II, producing 600,000 trucks for the war effort.

GMC Reviews & Features

2013 GMC Terrain Denali2013 GMC Terrain Denali
February 27, 2013

As good as the new 2013 GMC Terrain Denali may look, it's the sporty SUV's performance that you'll remember most.

Today GMC continues their tradition of commercial and professional grade trucks, vans and SUVs. The models are nearly identical in style and design to their Chevrolet counterparts, though they may offer more industrial level upgrades like a larger engine. GMC remains one of the most straightforward manufacturers today, avoiding the bells and whistles of sharp designs for the rugged endurance of a work vehicle.

Sites worth visiting
The GMC official homepage is the retail home for the GMC brand. Take a look at the latest models or price out your custom build from a clean, easy to browse site. We wish they offered a little more story about the brand, but frankly, there’s not a whole lot to tell.

GMC on Wikipedia
The GMC page on Wikipedia is about as diverse as the GMC product line. They’ve got a brief history and short discussion of the ways in which GMC varies from the Chevrolet brand. Check out their model list if you’re looking for info on their commercial grade trucks, vans, and buses.

Around the Blogosphere

GMC at Autoblog
Our friends at Autoblog do an incredible amount of research, digging up the rarest of facts and the cutting-edge photos from every automaker under the sun. They follow anything GMC does with a magnifying glass so you can kick back for some light reading.

The Unofficial GM Truck Blog
This guy loves big trucks, and can you fault him? He posts regularly under the alias, GMTMan, and he covers all the biggest news from the GMC Truck scene. Pop over and show some support for a grassroots blog from a diehard fan.

Community Sites

This site boasts news features and a huge forum for any and every GMC fan out there. Join the 40,000 member forums and get to posting your favorite tips, pics, and questions on this highly active discussion site.

Full Size Chevy
This site is loaded with anything and everything concerning the GM Truck family. They draw from both Chevy and GMC models, but with enough information on both that we’re sure you’ll find what you’re after. They have 80,000 members for god’s sake, there’s gotta be something for you.

Recent News

GMC’s First Compact SUV
The GMC Terrain has been unveiled at the Kuwait International Auto Show. The Compact SUV is a first for the company. Apparently built on the chassis of the Saturn Vue, speculation remains as to whether to car will make it to the flooded US compact SUV market.

Concepts from SEMA
SEMA is long gone, but the two GMC concepts are still raising interest for GMC fans. The Sierra HD Denali is one of the first premium-badge, heavy-duty trucks we’ve seen. Also on the list was the Yukon All-Terrain – a beefed up Yukon with features the mountain climbers can love.

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