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Car insurance: we all need it, and we all hate it. Finding the right car insurance for you can be next to impossible, but if you do your research before picking one, you’re less likely to get screwed. Actually, you’ll probably still get screwed, but you’ll get screwed less.

Car Insurance Companies

Trying to single out one car insurance company as the best is nearly impossible. What are you looking for? Good coverage? Quick accident response? Low cost? Here are some of the biggest car insurance companies, each with their own perks.

The one with the British gecko. Quotes for them are only available at their website, so places like Progressive that list multiple quotes won’t have theirs.

State Farm
The one with the mildly annoying theme song. They’re still the biggest car insurance company in the country, so they’ve got to be doing something right.

The one with the slightly more annoying theme song. They have a really good website where you can get quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Safe Auto
The one with the really annoying theme song. These guys are the cheap coverage kings.

The one with the President from “24.” They have ‘accident forgiveness’ for good drivers, so when you drive into your garage door because it didn’t open, it won’t cost you that much.

The one with the action-packed pink-haired anime girl. They’re big selling point seems to be their service and online options.

Shopping Guides

These are a few sites that attempt to do the hard work for you. You give them all your information and they pull up quotes from a variety of different car insurance companies. Not all of these services have all the insurance companies on them, so if you don’t see a company you are considering on their lists, then be sure to check out that company’s site too. Remember that a quote is just that, a quote, and your actual payment cost may be different.

Car Blogs

Dashboard News - Car Insurance
This auto blog covers news relating to autos and the auto business, including car insurance. Read how telematics is starting to influence car insurance rates.

Car Insurance News

Check out the video playlist below which is updated daily with car insurance news clips.

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