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Fake vintage cars?

The car above is a real vintage car. I saw this at the 2011 Councours d"Elegance at Pebble Beach. But now that it's so easy to recreate parts, there are tons of fake vintage cars out there. Check out this from and do your research, and you'll be a lot more careful before opening your wallet on that gorgeous vintage auto someone is trying to peddle. Prices are skyrocketing, but that's just driving more fakes into the market. Buyer beware!

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10 Ways of Getting Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Regardless of financial position nobody likes to spend more money than they should. While we are counting pennies on one hand we may be burning down $100 bills on the other. Spending your money wisely is another way of increasing your living standards. You need to look at your household spending closely. First area to look at is the type of expenditures that keeps repeating like utilities, mortgage and vehicle insurance. Here are some of the ways to bring your automobile insurance premiums down.

: Auto insurers closely monitor the safety features on cars that reduce accidents and injuries. This means that they pay less for claims. As the risks of injuries and accidents go down so the premiums. Before you buy a car, shortlist several of them and check their insurance ratings. There is a high chance you can still purchase the type of car you want and get premium discounts for years to come.

: Lately companies have been using formulas to estimate mileage for each type of motorists. They look at your profession, distance between home and work, age and other demographics. This wouldn’t work in favor of someone who drives less than average. If you are working from home, retired or take the train to work most days you are likely to drive lower miles. You can get quotes for lower mileage.

: It sounds nice to spread the premium and you feel it is nice of the company to offer this option. However, premium instalments usually come at a price. You are likely to be charged interest. If not, you would at least lose out on discounts offered for full payment. Depending on the company this could be between 5 and 10%.

: Sooner or later vehicle insurers find out about traffic violation tickets and citations. If you thought fines paid and license points deducted were the end of the matter you are wrong. You will see surcharges on your next renewal as a result of those violations.

: Three years no claim history can save you around 20% with most companies. There are many motorists who pay small damages out of the pocket just so that it doesn’t go down as a claim. Pay attention while driving; don’t speed or rush on the road. Hasty behavior behind the steering wheel can lead to accidents.

: Buying home and auto insurance from the same provider can save you at least 10% with most companies. Also there are policies that offer coverage for both within one policy.

: If you have more than one car you can economize by insuring them under one policy. This will make it less complicated as well. You don’t have to think which firm was insuring which automobile.

: Sometimes it is worth paying just a little bit more for a home that comes with private parking space. Secure overnight parking reduces cost of insuring vehicles. So, you can have a better sleep and pay less.

: Most companies offer better rates for policyholders with better credit scores. By making sure that you pay your bills in time and don’t overstretch your finances you can keep good financial records and credit history.

: It is no secret that most companies offer discounts and you can buy the same item a lot cheaper from another vendor. So, get a few auto insurance quotes and compare them with each other. There is high chance that you will find policies cheaper, with better coverage and comes from more reliable insurers.

Don’t be quick to renew your policy with the current insurer next time around. Look at all the possible discounts you may qualify and discuss this with the company. Also, make sure you fill the quote forms properly to qualify for them when you are getting quotations from other companies.

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Obamacare may lower car insurance rates

Car insurance companies pay out quite a bit in damages for injuries when the injured are covered by health insurance. Now, with millions more getting coverage through Obamacare and expanded Medicaid, those potential liabilities will likely go down, and then that could have a positive impact on car insurance rates over time. This new dynamic is analyzed in a from the Rand Corporation.

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Idiot takes baseball bat to his own Ferrari

Based on previous reports of his bizzare and abusive behavior, most people already thought Richie Incognito was an idiot. Now that he's admitted beating up his own Ferrari with a baseball bat, he's confirmed it.

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